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Arbitration-related Litigation

The combined strength of our highly-ranked arbitration and litigation practices makes us a natural choice for arbitration-related litigation. As recognized leaders in the field, we handle a broad range of matters, including motions to appoint or challenge arbitrators, compel arbitration and prevent parallel proceedings, pursue or defend against interim relief applications, obtain evidence in aid of arbitration, in Turkey and abroad.

We also maintain a busy docket of setting-aside and enforcement actions, representing claimants or respondents on either side of the proceedings.  We are often instructed to defend our clients’ rights and interests in ancillary court proceedings dealing with jurisdictional issues, sovereign immunity defenses and evidence preservation applications.

As arbitration attorneys are often reminded, winning before a tribunal is not always where the legal battle ends. Potential domestic pitfalls jeopardize the finality or enforceability of a hard-fought award. Working closely with Private International Law scholars on board, we have also distinguished our practice by developing expertise on the esoterics of this area of law. Without that approach, it becomes too delicate and complex to ensure an award’s future compliance with intervening jurisdictions’ unique outlook on due process, public policy and various other unique concerns.

Finally, as arbitral awards are not always complied with voluntarily, we deploy our firm’s full resources and tab into our solution partners network to track assets and collect in Turkey and abroad.