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Göksu Law is established as a ‘pure’ disputes practice dealing with complex and high-stakes cases. If arbitration is one pillar we stand on; litigation is certainly the other. We are recognized for our remarkable track record fighting for our clients’ lawful interests and reputation.

We pride ourselves in being highly specialized Turkish litigators – as without that specialism, trial and appellate litigation can turn into a turbulent experience. We are a unique blend of legal scholars and seasoned litigators, some of whom have practiced in the US, the UK and Continental Europe with some of the world’s leading global law firms. Relying on our deep experience, we know how to navigate through the complexities of domestic and international lawsuits.

Our guiding philosophy is to seek out innovative, practical and commercially-focused solutions. As such, we feel equally at home in the courtroom and the boardroom. Whenever the circumstances call for a negotiated settlement, we strive to achieve the best possible outcome without sacrificing our clients’ relationship management concerns with the opposing parties. 

As litigators, we recognize that our job does not end with the final judgment. We provide end-to-end services covering all aspects of judgment execution, including asset tracking and recovery abroad. We routinely litigate recognition and enforcement actions upon foreign court judgments and arbitral awards. Awaiting enforcement, we make it a top priority to keep all potential collection options available, via freeze orders, preliminary attachments or other forms of interim relief. Where necessary, we also conduct foreclosure, insolvency and bankruptcy proceedings.

Based on client testimonials, international legal publications routinely recognize our litigation practice as among the best in the country, attracting the finest talent and the most sophisticated clients.