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Liners, Shipping and Maritime Law

Turkey’s access to the seas enabled the country to become a leading destination for international maritime trade.  With many major international ports operating in various cities such as Istanbul, Izmir, Mersin and Iskendurun, the nation saw great rise in shipping imports and exports as well as general terminal operations during the recent years.  With various different players carrying-out a wide range of services, the shipping industry contains a specialized legal system within itself requiring extensive competence and international outlook.

Göksu has been the premier law firm in Turkey advising and representing the world’s leading shipping liners. We regularly work with our clients on international maritime matters including damage, demurrage, detention, and other container related disputes including their tax, customs and criminal law aspects.

We also provide exposure management and dispute avoidance services for contractual claims between liners and their shipping agents.  When a dispute does arise, we represent shipping liners against unreasonable agency claims such as extortionate portfolio compensation.

Göksu represents and advises a wide range of other maritime players such as ports and terminals as well as international importers and exporters. In addition, our international network allows our clients access to other jurisdictions when required.

Therefore, Göksu is well known and sought as a fully equipped firm to dealing with shipping, liner and maritime contracts and disputes, having experience in several different points of view in this arena.