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Information Technologies

Information technologies require an adaptable approach and practice in order to remain up to date in the ever evolving world of technological advancement. Smart contracts, crypto currencies and the internet of things are now mainstream technologies which necessitate a broader concept and understanding of the law. Göksu is the pioneer law firm for providing legal services that exceed the current boundaries of the regular norms of law. 

Göksu is well known for its flexible approach to critical legal thinking and progressive know-how on resolving disputes that arise from technological development, as well as advising clients on new regulations to ensure compliance with changing government policies.

Göksu’s extensive dispute resolution and compliance expertise in this dynamic sector is wide ranging from advising and representing hedge funds that invest in technology to local and international digital media companies and telecom operators.

Our strength comes from our dedication to fully understanding and accepting the technical aspects of new advancements while seeing into the impact they will likely bring onto the legal system.

Hence, our clients are often able to discuss, and elaborate on the technical side of the technology to use while we advise and represent them on its legal impact and potential rights and obligations contained therein.