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Employment and Human Resources

Göksu provides continuous and wide ranging services to foreign investors hiring in Turkey. Turkish employment law is aimed to strike a balance between employers and employees through regulating extensive rights in favor of the employee and also extensive obligations on the part of the employer.  While helping most employees preserve their rights, a downside of these regulations lie in their weakness against employee claims that are seeking to abuse the balance and take advantage of regime.

Employer-employee relationship and human resources management require strict compliance with this employment regime and the obligations contained therein.  As Göksu, we make sure that our clients achieve this not only thorough our excellent legal competence of the Employment Code, but also our constant follow-up of court precedents.

We are experienced in advising employers on a wide range of employment law matters and general human resources management, where our advisory services aim to prevent or settle disputes before they turn into court cases.

We also provide complete assistance to human resources managers in evaluating employee claims and resisting them where necessary.  We advise to ensure full compliance with all aspects of Turkish employment law.

In case of a legal action, Göksu has fundamental expertise in litigating before Turkish employment courts to protect employer’s rights against unfair employee claims seeking to take advantage of the regime.

Therefore, we make sure that foreign investors are protected when hiring and maintaining a team of employees in Turkey and also feel comfortable if and when the need to terminate should arise.